PTC Heaters

PTC Heaters for Electric Vehicles

Taiwan KLC Corporation offers standard electric auxiliary heaters for the future generations of electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

As more energy-efficient diesel and hybrid-powered vehicles take to the roads, recent trends toward engines with lower heat rejection rates in production vehicles has progressively reduced the amount of available "waste" heat for compartment heating. In an effort to reduce compartment heat up time while increasing the compartment temperature, a new PTC (positive temperature coefficient) electric heater system has been developed to supplement the performance of current hot water based vehicle heaters.

The PTC supplemental heater system features automatic power adjustment in response to ambient temperature conditions and HVAC fan speed, along with self regulation of the heater temperature. In addition, the power draw of the PTC heater can be matched automatically to the available electrical power level for all vehicle operating conditions.

Features of the new PTC auxiliary heater models

  • Multiple heater stages are possible. Single-stage mini-heaters for decentralized heating can be produced just as readily as powerful four- or five-stage heaters with electronic control
  • Twice the thermal safety and longer service life: In all high-output models, the switching elements and the PC boards are thermally isolated from each other by a bus bar; in addition, an excess temperature cut-out is incorporated into the PTC electronics
  • Shorter development times for customer-specific applications and reduced tooling manufacturing time
  • Withstands external electric shock

Recommended Models

PTC Heater Models for Electric Car
  • All models with current (A) > 15A will have 6 terminals.
  • Please refer to individual PTC air heater models for more detailed specifications and Model numbering convention. (Links available in section below)
  • Low voltage PTC air heaters will have higher current, hence are not recommended to use in conjunction with high power(W) specifications.
  • The PTC air heaters designed for automobiles are specially designed with stronger endurance and higher safety standard.
Click on the following images for more detailed specifications:
Available PTC Models
MH Type MSH Type SH Type OH Type
PTC MH Type Model PTC MSH Type Model PTC SH Type Model PTC MSH Type Model
Available Frames (Recommended Accessories)
MHF-93 Frame for PTC Air Heaters MSHF Frame for PTC MSH and SH Type Air Heaters MSHF-70 Frame for PTC Air Heater SH Type MHF-90 Frame for all PTC Air Heaters
arrow arrow arrow arrow
MH type PTC air heater with MHF-93 frame MSH type PTC air heater with MSHF-70 frame MSH type PTC air heater with MSHF-70 frame OH type PTC air heater with MHF-90 frame

Cabin Temperature Test with PTC Air Heater

Voltage: 72V
PTC Length: 128mmL
Ambient Temperature: -18℃

PTC Model Power(W) Average Power Consumption
Fin Pitch (mm) Location Time(min)
Start 10min 20min 30min
MH TYPE  2000W 1650W 2.6mm Vent 1 -12℃ 19℃ 25℃ 29℃
Face 1 -12℃ 8℃ 14℃ 17℃
Cabin 1 -15℃ 0℃ 4℃ 8℃
MH TYPE 2500W 2200W 1.2mm Vent 2 -15℃ 26℃ 33℃ 38℃
Face 2 -13℃ 10℃ 18℃ 23℃
Cabin 2 -17℃ 1℃ 7℃ 12℃
2000W VS 2500W
2.6pitch VS 1.2pitch
Vent -3℃ 7℃ 8℃ 9℃
Face -1℃ 2℃ 4℃ 6℃
Cabin -2℃ 1℃ 3℃ 4℃
Other Related Information
PTC Air Heater Part Numbering Guide

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