PTC Heaters

PTC Heaters for Constant Battery Discharge

KLC Corporation introduces a high power, compact heater design that utilizes proven ceramic PTC technology to act as the constant power resistor for battery discharge tests. The PTC thermistors used in this high power heater are self-regulating elements that can operate at a nearly constant power over a wide range of voltage and environmental conditions.

Recommended Models

PTC Heater Models for Battery Discharge
  • All models with current (A) > 15A will have 6 terminals.
  • Please refer to individual PTC air heater models for more detailed specifications and Model numbering convention. (Links available in section below)
  • Low voltage PTC air heaters will have higher current, hence are not recommended to use in conjunction with high power(W) specifications.


Example A : Battery Discharge Capacity Tester


Click on the following images for more detailed specifications:
Available PTC Models
MH Type MSH Type SH Type OH Type
PTC MH Type Model PTC MSH Type Model PTC SH Type Model PTC MSH Type Model
Available Frames (Recommended Accessories)
MHF-93 Frame for PTC Air Heaters MSHF Frame for PTC MSH and SH Type Air Heaters MSHF-70 Frame for PTC Air Heater SH Type MHF-90 Frame for all PTC Air Heaters
arrow arrow arrow arrow
MH type PTC air heater with MHF-93 frame MSH type PTC air heater with MSHF-70 frame MSH type PTC air heater with MSHF-70 frame OH type PTC air heater with MHF-90 frame
Other Related Information
PTC Air Heater Part Numbering Guide
  • PTC Air Heater Part Numbering Guide
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