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Taiwan KLC's PTC Heat Conductors comes in various sizes and mounting options for ease of installation. Utilizing PTC's self-regulating characteristics, PTC Heat Conductors is a safe and energy-saving choice for your product design. Some of its typical applications includes, PC mother board heating, steam ironing, moisture control, frost protection and any medium to low heating products.  PTC heat conductors of LCH-H~K series are effective natural convection heaters, with aluminum extrusion fins allowing effective heat transfer into ambient air without the use of fan. Nevertheless, types LCH-I and K can also be used as air heaters (please select LCH-H ~LCH-K tab below for more information).

  • High heating efficiency
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Low cost
  • Very low to no noise level (compared with fan heater)
  • Available in wide voltage range (12V~600V)
  • High reliability with self-regulating characteristic
  • Heating power(W) and self-regulating function is in correlation to the ambient environment (temperature, air flow, air volume)
  • Most suitable for heating, heat retaining and constant temperature maintaining, with almost unlimited applications!

Our NEW Multi-Stage Heating PTC Heat Conductor provides higher flexibility in temperature control, by allowing two or three temperature settings in a single heating unit. Multistage heating unit can be designed into all LCH types (LCH-A to LCH-I) PTC heat conductors. For more information on this compact multi-stage heater, please select the "Multi-Stage Heating" tab below.

LCH-A to I image

PTC Heat Conductor Applications

PC Mother Board protection, sustain constant temperature under deficient condition to protect electronic elements from malfunction. Suitable for medical assistance, beauty treatment, stream ironing, moisture control, electronic heating, health treatment, air purifier etc. for all medium to low heating products. 

PTC Heat Conductor General Specifications

  • Power : 2W ~ 2000W
  • Surface Temperature : 60°C ~ 240°C
  • Voltage :AC/DC 5V~500V
  • Standard Lead Wire :22AWG 210mm (black)

PTC Heat Conductor Application Notes

  • The power(wattage) of PTC heat conductor increases with the heat dissipation rate. When heat is retained under condition with no airflow (low heat dissipation), the surface temperature of the PTC conductor will reach curie temperature (Ct), the power(W) will then decrease dramatically. On the other hand, when the heat dissipation rate is high (under the condition of low ambient temperature, underwater or large airflow), this will cause the surface temperature of PTC heat conductor to decrease, the power of PTC heat conductor will then increase to regulate the temperature.

  • The wattage(power) in the MAX POWER is the power(W) under the most effective heat transmission condition based on surface temperature of 240°C. The General heat transmission power is 5%~80% of the maximum power specified. For indirect heating of water, the power may be just 15%~60% of the maximum power.  The power(W) varies in relation to the contact material, heat sink, heat dissipation area, ambient temperature, airflow and product application.

  • Customized models can be designed according to customers' requirement (tooling cost may apply).

  • Calculation of Relative Power for other Surface Temperatures:
    The Maximum Power listed in the Specifications tables is for PTC Heat Conductors with surface temperature of 240°C (220°C for some LCH types). If the required surface temperature is 120°C, the relative power of the Max. Power(W) can be calculated using the formula below:
    Temperature Rise(@240°C) = 240°C - ambient temperature = 240°C - 20°C = 220°C
    Temperature Rise(@120°C) = 120°C - ambient temperature = 120°C - 20°C = 100°C
    Relative Power(@120°C)  = Max. Power from table x Temp. Rise(120°C)/Temp. Rise(240°C)
                                             = 120W x 100°C/220°C = 54.5W
    Relative Power is approximately 54.5W for 120°C

Dimensions and Wire Options

Available Standard Model Dimensions of PTC Heat Conductors

LCH-A Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-A type
LCH-B Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-B type
LCH-C Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-C type
LCH-D Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-D type
LCH-E Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-E type
LCH-F Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-F type
LCH-G Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-G type (customize example)
LCH-H Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-H type
LCH-I Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-I type
LCH-J Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-J type (customize example)
LCH-K Type PTC Heat Conductor large
LCH-K type (customize example)
* Figures in BLACK are current available dimensions. Texts in RED are customizable ranges.

PTC Heat Conductor  Wire Output & Design Options:

The height, width, length, fin design, fixture hole location, lead wire exit location and wire terminals of PTC Heat Conductors can be customized according to customer requirements (may require tooling charge).  If not specified, PTC heat conductor with standard one-sided wire outlet without terminals will be provided. Below are some of our typical design options for each PTC Heat Conductor type.

One-Sided Wire Outlet
Two-Sided Wire Outlet
Wire with Connector
Wire with Female Crimp
and Fixture Holes
(if require fixture holes,
please specify measurements)
Wire with Female Crimp
and Fixture Holes
(if require fixture holes,
please specify measurements)
PTC Conductor with
Customized Fixture Holes
(if require fixture holes,
please specify measurements)
PTC Conductor with
Stainless Steel Fixture Plate
Three-Phase Heating
Wire Outlet (NEW!)

Please click on the  TABs  below for more information and product specifications.



LCH-H型號到K型號的PTC熱傳導皆有散熱鰭片設計有助自然熱對流,不須另加風扇也能有效加溫環境溫度。 因有PTC特性與散熱鰭片設計,LCH-H~K系列之PTC熱傳導使用上不但安全且安靜(無風扇所產生之噪音)。 如有快速加熱環境需求,LCH-I型號與LCH-K型號皆可另加裝風扇於熱傳導側邊,幫助熱能快速導出,迅速加熱環境溫度。


項目 LCH-H 系列 LCH-IA 系列 LCH-IB 系列
圖形(mm) LCH-H Type drawing LCH-IA Series 2D drawings LCH-IA Series 2D drawings
功率範圍(W) 6W~2000W
最高溫度() 220'C
電壓範圍(V) AC/DC 12V~600V
尺寸 WxHxL(mm) 39.5 x 19.5 x L 55 x 28 x L 70 x 28.5 x L
外觀材質 鋁 AL6061/6063
外加選項 - 風扇 LCH-I with fan

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