Far Infrared Heaters


What is Far Infrared?

PTC Thermistor CharacteristicsSunlight contains various light frequency waves. The normal absorption of resonant frequency for human body is 4 to 14um. This frequency wave band is called Far Infrared Wave, it can penetrate the human body of 2 to 3 um, This penetration improves body circulation and raises the body temperature... More about: Headline and associate teaser

FIR (Far Infrared)Tube Heater

DemoFar Infrared Tube Specification ...
Features : Low electricity consumption, high efficiency, long service life... More about: Headline and associate teaser

FIR (Far Infrared) Ceramic Heater

DemoFeatures : Stable Surface Temperature, Durable for high temperature, Long wavelength and strong intensity of radial thermal energy, Oxidation and corrosion resistance, High efficiency, Long service life ...More about: Headline and associate teaser

FIR (Far Infrared) Applications

DemoFar Infrared Technology can be widely applied in various applications such as: sauna, medical therapy, energy saving, kitchen utensils, oven, clothes, socks...and lots more. With over 8 years of expertise on Far infrared technology, let us assist you to decide the most suitable far infrared ceramics for your applications and explain to you how it can increase your product value... More about: Headline and associate teaser

Technical Supports

DemoIf you have any doubt on putting Far Infrared into your design, If you have any problem integrating Far Infrared thermistor into your product, If you have any difficultly finding a reliable Far Infrared thermistor supplier... More about: Headline and associate teaser


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