KLC Corporation KLC CORPORATION has more than 30 years of expertise in development of ceramic semi-conductor heating units and sophisticated hardware accessories. While technically mature enough to manufacture high valued products, yet service-minded enough to give attention to detail and customers' satisfaction. Reliability, prompt deliveries and reasonable price levels are guaranteed.

Our multi-functional air heaters are patented worldwide and conformed to CE, UL, CSA and GS safety standards. We believe that the quality of products and services benefits from a good organization of the operational activities and from well structured decision processes. ... More

Featured Products

Flexible Heater

Static Electric Therapy Apparatus. Item: MSH8899-16N

PTC Heater Fan. Item: MSH Type

Flexible Heater Film

Static Electric Therapy

PTC Heater Fan
Item : MSH Type
(Used by Samsung)

Metal Stamping; Housing

Far Infrared Heater Tube

PTC Heating Elements. Item:PTCR Rectangle Type

Metal Stamping

Far Infrared Heater Tube
(for sauna system)

PTC Heating Elements
Item : PTCR Rectangle Type

PTC Heater Fan. Item:SS Type

Digital Temperature Time Controller for heaters and heating elements 

PTC Heater Fan
Item : SS Type

Temperature Controllers